Exciting Opportunity: New Collaboration with the Law Offices of Richard V. Stevens

Artie Vaughn is now "of counsel" with the Law Offices of Richard Stevens, the Military Advocate.


12/11/20231 min read

I am thrilled to announce my new association as "of counsel" with the Law Offices of Richard V. Stevens, a renowned firm specializing in military law.

My journey in law, underpinned by a passion for justice and a commitment to defending those in need, aligns seamlessly with the ethos of Richard V. Stevens’ firm. Renowned for their expertise in courts-martial, sexual assault defense, and administrative discharge among other military legal challenges, the firm's dedication to upholding the rights of military members resonates deeply with my professional ideals.

This association means that I will continue to expand my reach and help those most in need, especially in complex military cases.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting venture, and feel free to reach out for any legal assistance or inquiries.